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the problem

The legal system is complex and difficult. Taking it on while dealing with family makes it 10x more difficult to tackle.

Legal proceedings can be an emotionally draining & disempowering process.

Issues may go unhandled because many people cannot afford an attorney.

Some individuals may prefer to keep their legal proceedings private.

Not everyone can schedule attorney appointments during business hours.


More people gain access to legal knowledge & become able to navigate their own cases.​

This video guide will help you save $$ by teaching you how to represent yourself.

By knowing the steps, you can expedite the process & reach a resolution faster.

You can an access our guidance from anywhere with an internet connection.

Having the knowledge & skills to represent oneself in court is empowering.

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Learn enough to be able to confidently & correctly represent yourself in family law court AND get court approved legal documents to submit at every step of the proceedings. All you need to do is go through the videos & fill out your details in our document generation tool.

Intro to Guardianships

Requirements to File Guardianship

Drafting a Petition for Guardianship of a Minor

Court Required Forms for Probate Court Cases

Filing and Serving the Guardianship

How, Where, and What to File

How to Serve or Get a Waiver of Service

Draft a Waiver of Service

Temporary and Permanent Guardianship

Drafting a Temp Order for Guardianship of a Minor

Drafting Letters for Guardianship of a Minor

Drafting Acceptance for Guardianship of a Minor

The Guardianship Hearing

Procedure in the Courtroom

What to do with the Decree/Order

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The legal documents templates have been crafted by us and used in legal proceedings, guaranteeing their validity in court.
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“Brandon made the process very easy and stress free. All I had to to was provide my documents and sign the paperwork. Very friendly and answered all my questions.“

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“The BEST- Brandon has your best interest and the best plan of action in play at all times. Highly recommend!”

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“Brandon was very good! Great personality! Will recommend him”

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“Brandon Haubert is amazing! Literally answered all of my questions in one, short phone call! Was so easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable discussing our financial issues. Would refer him to anyone and everyone!”

Paige Johnsey

When you get our Guardianship of a Minor Guide, you really get to:

Protect the Best Interests of the Child

If a child's parent or parents are unable to provide proper care and supervision due to physical or mental health issues, substance abuse problems, incarceration, or other circumstances, filing for guardianship allows for the appointment of a responsible adult who can assume legal responsibility for the child's welfare.

Prevent Neglect or Abuse

If there are concerns of neglect, abuse, or unsafe living conditions in the child's current environment, filing for guardianship can provide a way to remove the child from an unsafe situation and place them in the care of a responsible guardian.

Provide a Stable and Nurturing Environment

If a child's parents have abandoned them or failed to provide adequate care and support for an extended period, filing for guardianship can provide a stable and nurturing environment for the child by appointing a responsible guardian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is for people in Arkansas. Other than that, No. This works for people with kids, without kids, and with property and without property.

The documents are built and approved by an Arkansas lawyer. An Arkansas lawyer will also walk you through exactly how to answer the questions to generate the documents. On top of that, we have a Guarantee of Court Approval.

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