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the small estate legal process

A.K.A. the guide for estates worth less than 100k

A small estate is a way to deal with a deceased person's property.
Small Estates are simpler, quicker, and cheaper than a Probate. You can use them when the estate is worth less than $100,000 and there are no creditors, and it has been more than 45 days since the death of the decedent.
They are helpful when the decedent did not own many assets. Say they just had a car and a bank account with $10,000 in it. In that case this would be a cost effective solution.
The course will give you an understanding of the requirements of the small estate, draft the affidavit for you, explain to you next steps, the publication process, draft the publication, and give you the information about where to send it and how to gather property.

Are you prepared to manage your small estate case?

When you get our Small Estate Guide,
you actually get to:

Avoid full probate

Probate can be a time-consuming and expensive process. By filing a small estate affidavit, the estate's beneficiaries or heirs can avoid the complexities and costs associated with full probate administration.

Expedite the asset transfer

Filing a small estate affidavit can expedite the transfer of assets to the rightful beneficiaries. This is particularly beneficial when there is an immediate need to access or distribute certain assets, such as bank accounts or personal property.

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