Hi, I'm Brandon,
Your Law Coach!

I’m a licensed attorney with over 10 years of experience.

While I can’t teach you to become a lawyer, I can guide you through the entire process to represent yourself.

I know if can be difficult.

Before becoming a lawyer, I had my legal issues and was faced with a decision many people are faced with: I can’t afford a lawyer, so do I try and represent myself or just not deal with this.

If you try the represent yourself approach, which is better than not dealing with it, then you have to start looking for resources.

I found out, as you probably have, that there are not many good ones.

They may give you documents, but then what do you do with them? 

The courses & materials I’ve created will help you gain back control of some of the least predictable situations you could experience in your lifetime.

Our video guides will help you understand the process and what to do. Our software will draft the documents you need for you.
Brandon Haubert

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife and 4 children and our dog. All four kids are playing sports, so we do not have much time for anything else right now.

I grew up in Clarksville and had to put myself through college and law school.

My first job was washing dishes at a local restaurant in junior high.

Every day, I finished football practice at 4:30 and went straight to work, washing dishes that had piled up between lunch and the start of the dinner shift.

My first few weeks as a working kid were (understandably) dreaded, but it was at this job where I learned some valuable lessons:

Showing up is half the battle;

Work can be messy but rewarding; and…

Never live in a house without a dishwasher.

My first attempt a solving a complex problem came at the age of 15 with the purchase of a truck that would be my ride when I turned 16.

There was just one problem with the truck: the engine did not run. I didn’t let that deter me:

  • I saved up and purchased everything need to rebuild the engine,
  • My Dad asked if I was ready to build the engine,
  • I replied with a resounding “YES!”,
  • He said “Get everything ready” and that we would build it after he got off work,
  • I got all the parts together and organized and waited on my Dad to get off work.
  • My Dad, being himself, then put a Chilton’s manual on the table with all the newly purchased parts and told me, “I’ll be back to check on you in a little bit.” (yes, he left me to figure it out on my own)

It took me all night, and more than a few curse words, but I was able to have the truck up and running the next night.

This exercise taught me that if you keep at it (and swear enough), you can figure anything out.

Even so…

Like the Chilton’s manual I had, we all need a bit of guidance from experts when going through processes we’ve never attempted before. 

I hope you will find that guidance here.

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